Heal your Beautiful Life with Shamanic Energy Medicine: 3-Month Shamanic Mentoring Program

A 3- Month 1-1 Shamanic Mentoring Program with Rachel Mann PhD

Has the coronavirus unlocked the possibility in your heart that you are meant to bring your spirituality and the wisdom you have gained from your life to help others? Have you been feeling this call for a long time and the pain of ignoring it has become too great?

Those of us who are carry the medicine of healership in whatever form are needed now--in huge numbers. The planet and humanity are caught up in tremendous suffering. So much is out of balance.

It is time to stop holding back and manifest your dream into the highest probability.

What is healership? Healership is the vibrant energy of bringing good medicine through whatever creative gifts you have: maybe you are called to be a hands-on energy healer, a spiritual counselor and coach, a writer, thought leader, spiritual teacher, spiritually conscious business owner or founder of a non-profit helping others. There are infinite possibilities. All are good medicine.

Work with Rachel Mann PhD to unlock these possibilities into probability in her 3-Month 1-1 Shamanic Mentoring Program. She is a shamanic healer, teacher and mentor for women and men who want to step powerfully and passionately into creative and visionary healership using the tools and teachings of an earth-inspired, heart-grounded, soul-activating, peace-making and abundance-manifesting spirituality. She supports others in their journey to deepen, expand and integrate their spirituality into their daily lives and in service to others and the planet.

In this 3-Month Mentoring Program with Rachel:

  • You will discover and become more clear about what your purpose in healership is and how to manifest it.
  • You will integrate your spirituality and all that you have studied into one authentic path that is true to Who You Truly Are.
  • You will transform the wounds and old beliefs holding you back from manifesting purpose in healership to others.
  • You will experience a palpable shift out of anxiety and confusion about your spirituality and mission into clarity, confidence and courage.
  • Your many gifts of intuition and creativity will become clearly apparent and you will believe in the rightness of allowing them to flower fully in every aspect of your life.
  • You will walk away with a profound sense of freedom and connection to Spirit and All That Is.

And you will feel throughout the journey supported, cared for, inspired and mirrored by Rachel.

You will be changed! And you will feel empowered to step into your spiritual healership and creativity!

Program Content

The mentoring program is set up to integrate in a powerful way 4 pathways that I have used in my life to effect deep transformation:

  • Energy Medicine: 3 shamanic energy healings paced throughout the program to target specific problem areas and pain points calling for powerful healing and transformation.
  • Contemplation and Soul Work: 6 shamanic mentoring sessions drawing on my full medicine basket of shamanic tools, including wise counsel, meditation, prayer, sacred song, soul readings, energy tracking, breathwork, journeying, and more. In these sessions, you track through intuition your highest dreams for life and will unpack and reframe whatever anxiety, confusion, self-doubt and fears you carry. You are supported through meditation and soulwork in lightening up your vibrational frequency so as to manifest your highest good.
  • Study and Spiritual Deepening: You have access to activities and teachings in the online course Unlock Possibility into Probability. This course is packed with 20 hours of video and audio shamanic teachings, guided meditations, journeys and ceremonies. If you are particularly interested in learning more about shamanism and deepening your interest in earth-inspired spirituality, it will put these teachings and tools right into your hands. However, you don’t need to be specifically interested in studying shamanism to benefit. The course simply provides good knowledge, wisdom and insight into how to walk through change, transition and transformation.
  • Reading and Reflection: You are given a companion, 70-page book filled with insightful wisdom and rich tools to help you clean and clear your energy, heal your wounds, remove blocks, and manifest your highest dreams for life.

You receive Rachel's sustained, constant presence and support: She is available for check-ins via email and Voxer.com as you feel moved to reach out.

You have the option of becoming a member of the closed, private Facebook group of my students and clients where folks share the journey and receive teachings and other goodies.

As you can see, this program is designed to work with every level and dimension of your being—body, mind/emotions, soul and spirit—to powerfully facilitate your transformation and support the manifestation of our True Purpose in spiritual Healership and Creativity in the world.

The time is now to step up!

Your Instructor

Rachel Mann, PhD
Rachel Mann, PhD

Rachel Mann, PhD is a shamanic healer, teacher and mentor for women and men who want to step powerfully and passionately into healership and creativity using the tools and teachings of an earth-inspired, heart-grounded, soul-activating, peace-making and abundance-manifesting spirituality. She supports others in their journey to deepen, expand and integrate their spirituality into their daily lives and in service to others and the planet.

Through the programs and offerings of the Institute for Awakened Heart Shamanism, Rachel offers an ancient and contemporary shamanic curriculum which integrates the wisdom and practices she has learned from her Native American, shamanic and Buddhist teachers. Her work is also informed by her long healing journey from having a mother with problems of narcissism.

In 1-1 shamanic mentoring, online programs and weekend retreats, students learn practical and transcendent tools for living a life deeply connected to the numinous spirit within-through-and-around All That Is, Mother Earth and All Our Relations. Her worldview and teachings are love-based and inspirational.

Lives are changed and beauty reigns.

She has helped over 3000 students and clients worldwide.

Rachel is proud to be a member of the faculty of Atlantic University, affiliated with the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment, and offering an MA in Transpersonal Psychology and Leadership Studies.

She lives and works happily from her rural home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Her sidekicks, a beloved Puggle named Loki and a long-haired and feisty tuxedo cat named Moppy keep her fit and on track (indeed, it’s really Moppy calling all the shots). Stay tuned for the Great Pyrenees that’s soon to join the family!

She laughs at herself a lot and isn’t perfect, by any means. She simply shares what she has learned from her life.

Mother Earth and Creator-Spirit doesn’t require any of us to be. That’s the beauty of walking in a human body!

Course Curriculum

  Setting the Stage to Dream the Big Dream
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2 The South Pathway: Standing Strong on the Ground of Mother Earth
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4 North Pathway: Becoming Invisible
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5 East Pathway: Harness Your Highest Destiny out of Love
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
In the 3-Month 1-1 Mentoring Program, you get access to the course as soon as you sign your Letter of Agreement! The scheduling of the 9 1.5 hour mentoring and shamanic healing sessions will be set based on your and Rachel's calendars.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the program?
If you pay in full, up front, you will get a refund minus a $500 administrative fee if you notify Rachel that you are not happy with the program before or right after the 3rd session. After that, no refund is given.

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